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Read Solo Leveling Manga – Manhwa Online in High Quality from Chapter 1 to Chapter 110. We will provide you both free and paid options to read Solo Leveling Manga online in 2020. So, before starting with introducing you with all the chapters of Solo Leveling Manga, let us briefly tell you about Solo Level Manga and Solo Level Novel.

Solo Leveling Manga or Manhwa | Novel – Datesheet

  • Original Title: Solo Leveling (나 혼자만 레벨업)
  • Author: Sung-Lak Jang
  • Genres: Action – Adventure – Fantasy – Shounen – Webtoons
  • Status: Ongoing

Synopsis Of Solo Leveling Manga

In a world where random dimensional gates began to appear, connecting the real world to the world of monsters, Sung Jin-Woo, our protagonist, is one of the thousands of hunters around the world who are empowered to pass through said gates and enter the Dungeons to fight for the salvation of humanity. Sadly, Sung Jin-Woo is an E-rank hunter (the lowest of all), and having neither the money nor the ability to enter higher-level Dungeons, he is derided as »The Weakest Hunter of All».

One day, he and his team were trapped in a very difficult dungeon. This dungeon was hidden within a low range one. When he had already accepted his death, he received a strange power and a daily quest log that only he can see. Completing each mission in the log allows you to do something that no other hunter can do, level up. This is how little by little he manages to escape the misfortune of being the weakest hunter of all and begins to discover that being strong is not the only thing he will need to survive in this world.

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Here is the list of all the chapters to Solo Leveling Manga. This list contains the Manga series from chapter 1 to chapter 110 of Solo Leveling Manga. Just click on the hyperlink given in each of the chapters and you can access the manga.

Solo Leveling Manhwa Chapters List [Season 1]


We live in a time when most digital interactions happen through mobile devices, Solo Leveling is a work that understands that the format in which a comic is presented must be adapted to the tool that readers use to read it. When I decided to write this review, this really caught my attention, is this one of the reasons why this »Manhwa» has become so popular lately?

At first glance, Solo Leveling seems like a fantasy of more power that seeks to attract young readers with the promise of the laziest escapism, but that shows that there is still much to explore in the over-exploited phenomenon of the »Isekai». This phenomenon has recently been fueled by adaptations of Japanese light novels, famous for exploring stories of young people being transported to fantastic worlds.

Only Leveling takes advantage of RPG elements, also known as RPGs, to provide its readers with familiar rules and mechanics while building an innovative world with characters that, ignoring superpowers, react naturally to the situations they face.

Despite the fact that the protagonist gradually becomes a “Gary Stu”, the author does not let this take away the flavor of the story. In some instances, the narrative leaves the powerful of Sung Jin-Woo in the background to explore the political and human conflicts of a world where beings with superpowers threaten the sovereignty of great nations.