Solo Leveling Manga Season 2 Updates: Release Date, Expectations, Plot & more

Solo Leveling Manga Season 2 Updates: Release Date, Expectations, Plot & more

Solo Leveling which is a web novel as well as Manhwa of Korean origin which is produced by D&C Media and is written by Chu Gong’s manhwa which means “I alone level-up” or originally “Na Honjaman Level-Up”.

Season 1 of solo leveling was huge and its fans are eagerly waiting for the release of season 2.

Solo Leveling Plot – What is the Story About?

The story of this manhwa revolves around a world where there is a portal which is open to monster and demon realm who are dangerous for humans and that’s why there are few people in the world with special powers which allows them to fight against those monsters and demons who are known as Hunters. The show mainly revolves around a hunter named “Sung Jin-Woo” who is the weakest among other hunters of his circle because his supernatural abilities are barely qualifying as a superpower.

Sung-jin Woo along with few other hunters got trapped in a cave one day which was full of monsters and most hunters were not able to survive, unlike Sung-jin Woo which was the incident which made him mentally strong and motivated him to become the best.

The Solo Leveling Season 1 revolves around Sung-jin Woo defeating demons and monsters and clearing out their dungeons all alone. This overall experience made him stronger in terms of magic as well as Strength.

At last, he wants to finish off the final boss who is in the last level and is behind every wrongdoing and the attacks by demons and monsters.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date

We know that Solo Leveling Manhwa storyline isn’t finished yet but still, there is no official confirmation by the producers or the author but we should expect another season by keeping in mind its popularity.

According to many sources, season 2 of Solo Leveling can come around July 2020 which will obviously be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Predicitions of Solo Leveling Season 2

We don’t have a lot of information about season 2, but keeping in mind the ending of the manhwa where it was wrapped up Jeju Island arc, it can be easily predicted that season 2 is going to display even more action. Some obvious things like confrontations of stronger and more evil opponents, as well as action-packed gifting scenes, are a must. Also, we may see the mystery of Sung-jin Woo’s father as well as his past in season 2.